Online Newsstand Project Shutdown

If you thought that the Online Newsstand project was a great idea, then you’ll be dismayed to hear that it’s been shut down. EBSCO cites conflicts in contracts with publishers.  Hopefully the shutdown will be short-lived. After all, doesn’t this improve access and promote use of the content? And that’s a good thing, right? Or am I being naive? In any case, for more information read the update on the Swiss Army Librarian’s post. And then contact EBSCO to voice your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Online Newsstand Project Shutdown”

  1. I hate to be cynical, but it’s like the publishers have full-on declared war on libraries. I know that sounds harsh, but the evidence keeps pointing to this one conclusion. If firms like EBSCO had ever been interested in our success, they clearly aren’t anymore. (I don’t think that they were in the first place given that they always were so clear about branding their products & not allowing libraries to use their own brand in the delivery of the very content they were paying for! They never worked with us to improve the user experience for our own library users but they wouldn’t let us intermediate the experience either.)

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