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Embed Pinterest Pin
Embedding a Pinterest Pin

When I searched the WordPress plugin directory for “Pinterest” 2 weeks ago, I found 20 plugins. Today there are nearly 50.  These plugins add PinIt buttons to your posts and pages, provide options for displaying pins in sidebar widgets and also offer ways to block people from pinning your content.

Of course I wanted to test out a few plugins.

SHARING BUTTONS: I’ve added the Sharing is Caring plugin to replace the sharing buttons I had been using, which didn’t seem to be working anymore in any case.   Of course, for the Pinterest button to serve any purpose, you need images in your posts! Even so, a pinner might get the message “sorry, we can’t see any big images…” For more info on that error, check out this Quora post.

EMBEDDING BOARDS: Next I wanted find ways to show pins on my site. Pinterest doesn’t yet have a way to embed a board on a page and there aren’t any magic plugins for that. So you could take a screenshot and link back to your board, but obviously it won’t update. However, embedding individual pins is quite easy . When viewing any Pin there is an embed option to the right. Change the size to suit your needs, copy and paste, voila.

SIDEBAR WIDGETS: I also added the Pinterest RSS Widget plugin to add a display of my latest pins to the (already overcrowded) sidebar of my site. It quite easy and straightforward to use. You don’t need your full RSS feed to make that widget work, but if you want it for other reasons, it takes this form:

I’ll be on the lookout for more Pinterest addons!