Friday Picks: April 14, 2012

More odds and ends. Some new, some not.

  • New photo editor for Flickr – With Google having gobble up the Picnik photo editor, Flickr has turned to Aviary for photo-editing features.
  • Digging Into WordPress – New printed edition updated for WP 3.3 now available. I love this book, it’s chock full of WordPress tips and and information. I also love their sales model –  buy the printed book and get all future updated PDF versions for free. Same goes for buying  just the PDF version. (The link is an affiliate link, I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t really recommend the book though)
  • Learn HTML & CSS – Free, painless AND fun! The amazing Codeacademy hits another one out of the ballpark. And when you finish that, start their Javascript course. I hear there’s a future for people who know how to code??
  • Send to Dropbox  – Not a new tool, but one that I was reminded of this week and find quite handy. Use it to set up an email address so you can email attachments to your Dropbox. I use it in tandem with a WordPress backup plugin that runs once a week and sends the backup file to my Dropbox account.
  • Slideshare and Google+ – better together? I haven’t tried this yet, have you? Sounds like a great idea. Present your slides in realtime and interact with others in your hangout. Mini-webinars?
Whoops – it’s Thursday not Friday!




2 thoughts on “Friday Picks: April 14, 2012”

  1. Thanks for the information on Aviary. Like many Picnik users I have been looking far and wide for an easy to use substitute. I have been using PicMonkey a little this week and found it very easy to use (like Aviary) and offering pretty much all that I need. Do you know if Aviary offer frames/borders – couldn’t find them in my look a few minutes ago? PicMonkey is very much a work in progress – the demise of Picnik has given many other photo editors the incentive to fill the gap!

  2. Vivienne, Thanks so much for the recommendation of PicMonkey. I love it!

    Just added it to a list of resources on finding images and free editors that I use in a digital storytelling workshop:>/a>

    Pixlr Express and Photoshop Express are also good. Pixlr has a bunch of border options. Some are different than the PicMonkey ones, so a nice addition to the mix.

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