Friday Picks: May 4, 2012

Friday Photos : Clouds Obviously this isn’t really going to be a weekly sort of thing. You’d think I could manage that? But I’m barely managing to keep up with the weekly “Friday Photos” group on flickr. So let’s cheat a bit and make that my first pick this week.

  • Friday Photos 2012: Do you like photography. Interested in seeing photos from great folks all over the world? And you know you’ll never be able to keep up with the Photo-a-Day challenges? Then a weekly challenge might be just the ticket. Sarah Barker, a librarian from Wales, started this project. Each week a new topic is given. Post a photo to the group and you’ll have the lovely feeling of having accomplished something. This week was clouds, next week windows. Fun to see lots of creative interpretations.
  • Present.Me: Such a great tool. Upload your slide deck, turn on your webcam and microphone, record. Easy peasy. Voila, you have an embeddable presentation with your slides and your lovely face right next to them. Almost like a live presentation. Camera shy? Just record the audio. Audio shy? You can just upload slides. Free account: 3 presentations monthly, 1 private presenatation a month, 15 minutes each. Plus plan is $9 month, 30 presentations, 1 hour each. Educational plan available. Great for students to practice presenting and sharing final projects. (via @heyjudeonline scoopit)
  • LibraryBox – I’d heard about Jason Griffey’s LibraryBox project at Computers in Libraries in March, but hadn’t had a chance to learn more about it till this week. With under $50 worth of gadgetry and some open-source software, Jason has built a device that stores content and lets people download content directly from the device via WiFi, no internet needed.  Go read the information about it and listen to Jason’s recent interview on the Bibliotech podcast. It left me convinced I could build one of these myself – a vacation project maybe?
  • Cool Pinterest Boards – Came across more interesting uses of Pinterest this week.
    Ask the ALA Librarian
    is a board where the ALA Library staff answer questions about libraries and librarians.
    The Kuoipio, Finland boardsshowcase the region, the city, the architecture, tourist attractions and more. They actively engage with others posting about Finland. What a great way to bring attention to their region. And easy too, their photos are mostly from their flickr account, so they can simply repin and give those photos more exposure.
  • 10 Must Have Bookmarklets for Teachers – Not just for teachers, handy browser toolbar tools to make your life easier.
  • Teens & Online Video – latest report from Pew. 95% of US teens are online. 37% of the use online chat. Girls more likely than boys to do that. 27% record & upload video, equal between boys and girls.
  • WordPress for Libraries Webinar – I did a 45 minute webinar for the awesome Carterette webinar series last week. Their archive pages includes two years of terrific webinars. All free!