FlickrCC for Creative Commons photos

I love using flickrCC to search for Creative Commons licensed photos on flickr. It’s faster and simpler than the advanced search on flickr itself.

But I had blindly not noticed that they have incorporated Aviary photo editing as an option right off the main screen. (Thanks to Judy O’Connell for a Facebook post mentioning the change. Go read her HeyJude post for tons of info on free image sources!)

To edit in flickrCC: 

1: Do a search, making sure you have the FOR EDITING option checked.  (forgive my Helskinki obsession….)  Select an image and image size. Note that the attribution info is all set for you to copy and paste!


2: Click on the EDIT link, make your edits, save and close the editor.


3. When you return to the flickrCC screen, your edited image will have replaced the original. Right click to save the image.

4; Don’t forget to grab the attribution info for the original photo. You edited it, but you didn’t create the original.


3 thoughts on “FlickrCC for Creative Commons photos”

  1. Great write up Polly, I’m really glad you like the site.

    Just one one thing to note, you have to have the ‘for editing’ checkbox ticked when you make the search. If you don’t you’ll get back more images, but they won’t have been released under a license that allows modification and the ‘edit’ link won’t appear above them.

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