Pinterest Contest Idea from Peachpit

Peachpit PressPeachpit Press, the folks that publish the great Visual Quickstart series (and more!), are running a nifty Pinterest board competition. Basically you create a board with the name they provided, repin their pin with the rules and then pin 5 or more of their products. If you win, you get some free books. What a great idea to get more exposure for their products, gain more followers and connect with customers.

Of course my first thought was how easy it would be for libraries and schools do the same sort of thing. I’m sure some libraries have already done this and I’d love to hear details.

Pinning a board of favorite books, authors, movies, etc. seems like an obvious choice. Or how about pinning photos of historic sites in town, or favorite businesses – great way to connect with local business community. Or a scavenger hunt that leads people around the library, school, campus, town – and have them  post pictures from the locations. Lots of fun ideas! And just one more excuse for me to go back and search Pinterest to see if anyone has already done something like this.

But first, I need to finish my 2013 New Year’s Resolution with Peachpit Press board so I can win some books!!!