Learning New Tech & Working with IT

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A couple of really interesting blog posts from the last week.

Just Do it! and Trust Yourself.

Jennifer Carey offers encoruagement to anyone who’s a bit leary of diving into new tech tools in her post Hesitant Teachers Can Learn New Tech

Many educators feel overwhelmed by new technology and may feel apprehensive when it comes to adopting it in the classroom. But I’m here to make the case that learning to use technology and employing it as part of your curriculum is actually easier than ever. Way easier. Read more to find out how to “Just Do It”!

Kids, Learning, Risks & Rewards

George Couros shares some wonderful advice for evaluating the use of tech tools and services in schools in 4 Guiding Questions For Your IT Department

  1. What is best for kids?
  2. How does this improve learning?
  3. If we were to do _________, what is the balance of risk vs. reward?
  4. Is this serving the few or the majority?

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