LITA Code Year Python Workshop at ALA

python-logoThe LITA Code Year Interest Group is offering a pre-conference on learning to code with Python  at ALA later this week.

Though I won’t be able to be there, I’m happy to have the chance to help out, along with the Python Software Foundation, by sponsoring  lunch for the attendees. Cool! Hope the cookies and coffee are good!

For more info about the workshop and why we need more library staff learning to code, read Andromeda Yelton’s post: Come learn Python with me!

Can’t make it to the workshop, but curious about coding? Check out LJ’s article and resource list: Cracking the Code: Librarians Acquiring Essential Coding Skills

Learning even just a little bit about coding will help you understand how our library systems do (or don’t!) work. And if you really learn to code, you can help make existing systems better and build amazing new services.