Do you collaborate? Please, share!


Päivi Jokitalo, a Finnish library colleague and friend, is  seeking  contributions for a book that will be titled something along the lines of “Powerpoint-free Zone”.

Her description from her blog post:

I am interested in e.g. all kinds of camps, labs and unconferences, collaborations not based on hierarchies. I would also like to present examples of networks where libraries (and partners) are striving to renew the tools of library work and cooperation itself.  (read more here)

Päivi has worked for the National Library of Finland and is now an independent library consultant. She’s also the ultimate collaborator and connector. Though we’ve never met, she eagerly and generously connected me with many librarians in Finland, including her collaborator Päivi Almgren. And while I was in Helsinki, I spent some time visiting bookstores with another librarian who was in search of their books. 

If you want to contribute to this terrific project, please read her blog post for more information.