NYLA SSL Leadership Retreat

Leadership Institute 2012
2012 attendees

I’m really looking forward to the Carol A. Kearney Educational Leadership Institute  coming up next week. The focus this year is  Lead with the Common Core and will be led by Paige Jaeger and Sue Kowalski

Led by national presenter and author Paige Jaeger, NYLA/SSL President Sue Kowalski and emerging NYS library leaders, participants will exit ready to assist teachers in “repackaging” and “aligning” their lessons and research projects to embrace deep learning, complex text integration, vocabulary acquisition and application strategies, and leading independent reading initiatives.

I’ve loved attending these institutes for the last couple of years and have learned so much from my school library colleagues.  My contribution is to lead the Tech Smackdown on Monday night, just before the always entertaining auction gets underway. The auction raises funds to sponsor scholarships for folks to attend the following year. And yes, the evening events are accompanied by margaritas! 🙂

The institute is organized by the ever amazing team of Marcia Eggleston, Sara Kelly Johns, Patty Martire and MANY others! Sponsored by NYLA SSL and the hashtag for the event is: #edlead13