NYLA SnapshotNY – Participate!


All the folks in our Cool Tools for School and SALS Ten Mobile Things workshops have been playing with photo and video tools for the last few weeks, so they should be all set to participate in SNASPSHOTNY! What about you?

From ProtectNYLibraries

How do people use library services on a typical day? Document your library — how busy and how essential your library is with statistics, pictures, videos and user comments?

Join New York’s libraries and participate in SNAPSHOTNY: A Day in the Life of a Library by collecting photographs and videos between Monday, January 13th and Friday, January 31st and choose one day to track your stats.

Ready to join? Then pick a day and collect statistics on:

  • How many patron visits?
  • How many people used your public computers?
  • How many reference questions did your staff answer?
  • How many children participated in programs (including school visits as well as library-sponsored programs)?
  • How many adults participated in programs?
  • What was the total circulation for the day?
  • How many hits did your website receive?

Deadline for submitting all data–stats, photos and video is Friday, January 31st.