New York State Performers and Programs Database

Performers and Programs New York State

An email query about how the New York State Performers and Programs project was built sent my memory banks into overdrive today trying to remember what tools we used to create the project back in 2004.

Taking a look at the site for the first time in a long time, I was so pleased to see that it’s still being used and updated with great new programs and performers.

The database is searchable by audience, topics, regions, costs and keywords. And includes over 800 programs that have been updated in the last year. The whole database includes over 2,000 programs.

If you know of a performer or program provider that isn’t registered, encourage them to do so! And do check it out to find some new program ideas.


New York State Performers and Programs

More information about the project.  The site is currently maintained by the New York State Library Dept of Library Development.