Snapdrop for Easy File Sharing

SnapdropSnapdrop provides a simple way to share files between devices on the same wifi network.  Open a browser and visit    There you’ll see icons for devices on your wifi network that also have the Snapdrop web page open.

Select the device and the file you want to send. A download option will popup on the other device. The owner of the other device can either download or reject.

Ideas: Quickly share files you forgot to distribute before a meeting. Students working in small groups can share photos, notes, sketches, etc. Take notes at a conference and share with a colleague immediately. Share photos during a family gathering.

One challenge, it’s difficult to identify devices. I tested this with multiple iPads and couldn’t tell which one was which. Also, if you want to share a file with many devices, you have to share to each one individually. Given that, if you need to share files with a large group, it would be simpler to upload to Dropbox, Google Drive or some other cloud tool and share the URL.

A very handy tool!