Cool Tools for School Online Workshop

Show the numbers and show me why they matter.
image CC0 Pixabay

Once again, we’re offering the Cool Tools for School online workshop. This year there are 14 NYS School Library Systems offering this to their school librarians and in some systems, other school staff as well.

Last year we increased the number of lessons to 30. And this year, due to popular demand, we’ll have 40 lessons. Which means there are people who are doing this workshop for the 4th time. Wow! They deserve extra credit!

This first lesson in this year’s newest Cool Tools track is Thing 31: Evidence Based Practice, and was inspired by conversations that started at a recent workshop by Jennifer LaGarde on creating more effective annual reports and collecting more meaningful data. And also by the work of Ross Todd, Lyn Hay and Joyce Valenza (among many others!) on Evidence Based Practice.

Some of our participants asked us to put together lessons that would give them time and resources to think about using Evidence Based Practice (EBP) to help improve their library program and help them show how they and their library’s services help students succeed.

We’ll get them started over the course of two lessons, the first one serves as an introduction to Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and the next one will cover tools and ideas for collecting data. Up for the challenge??