Accessibility Workshop

Accessibilty it's the right thing to do.In October, I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on Website Accessibility at the ILEAD NY workshop in Utica, NY. I’d planned to write up my notes to accompany the slides, since the slides don’t really stand all that well on their own, but time has been in short supply lately. So better late than never? Maybe, maybe not. But I’ll post the slides anyways. (slides here)

To sum up my advice:

  • Make your website accessible because it’s the right thing to do. Per the 2010 US Census, about 20% of the population has some sort of disability.
  • And yes, it’s the law!
  • Plan for it from the start. Easier to do it right the first time than to go back and retrofit.
  • Yes, it will take time, expertise, and likely some money to do it right.
  • Aim for a site that is easy for all to use. Usable, responsive, accessible.

(And ironically, I know my website is full of accessibility issues that I need to fix. A new website coming up in a few months.)