Cool Tools for School 2016-2017

Cool Tools for SchoolWe’re halfway through the 2016/17 Cool Tools for School online workshop. There are over 150 registrants this time round and about 110 active participants so far. A good turnout!

If you’d like to read some of the posts from the workshop participants, most of them are listed on our mega-RSS feed page here on this site Cool Tools Participants RSS Feeds. It updates every 2 hours, latest stuff first.  So far this year, I’ve actually been able to keep up with all the posts and am learning so much from reading them all!

If you’re not familiar with the workshop, here’s a quick summary:

  • Open to K12 school librarians and other school staff
  • Currently sponsored by various NY School Library Systems
  • Participants choose 5 or 10 topics to complete and earn PD hours for their work
  • Over 40 topics to choose from
  • Runs from fall to late spring, work can be done anytime
  • 7th time the workshop has been offered, with over 800 participants
  • Congrats to those who have participated multiple times!