2017 Digital Literacy + Fake News mini-conference

The Library 2.017 online mini-conference on Digital Literacy + Fake News mini-conference was held earlier today. If you weren’t able to attend in real-time, all the webinar recordings are now available.

Another great production by Steve Hagadorn and sponsored by SJSU School of Information and Follett

A list of the session topics and presenters appears below. Choose from an easy to watch video recording, an audio recording or a full version of the Blackboard webinar room – complete with a recording of the live chat.  Links to sessions on the conference archives page.

Sarah FitzHenry + Kim Wilkens Foiling Fake News with Fourth Graders
Kristin Fontichiaro Four Out of Five Dentists Say Coca-Cola Cures Cancer!: Data Literacy Strategies to Help Patrons Identify Fake – or Just Bad – Information
Laura W. Gariepy The VCU Libraries (and beyond) #vetyoursources campaign: Improving students’ skill in evaluating sources
Faye Leibowitz + Abigail Gulya Combating Bias and Propaganda: A Cataloger’s Perspective
Paul Loranger The role librarians and teachers will be playing in recognising fake news by including democratic learning in their classrooms
Michelle Luhtala A Journalists’s Perspective on the New News Landscape
Laura Malita + Gabriela Grosseck Fighting against Fake news & content
Derek Malone What is fake news? Definitions from first-year college students
Mark E. Moran The Softer Side of Digital Literacy
Mark Ray Information Literacy? Future Ready Librarians Can Do That!
Shannon Steimel Passion Based Literacies & Social Media
Wendy Stephens The Revenge of the Filter Bubble: How Accelerating Content Customization and Mobile Device Access Drives Fake News
Joyce Valenza + Michelle Luhtala Unpacking a Media Literacy Toolkit
Melda N. Yildiz Media Binds or Blinds: Deconstructing the Myths and Misconceptions in Teacher Education