Cool Tools for School is back!

Cool Tools for School

megaphoneWe’re getting ready to launch the 2017-18 Cool Tools for School workshop. This is our 10th time running the workshop with over 850 participants in that time!  This year’s workshop will launch at the end of November.

The workshop lessons are hosted on a new website this year. The new web address is You’ll see the draft list of topics on that site now, as well as all of last year’s lesson.

Also new this year, the class discussions and homework submission will be handled through a Google Classroom. After you’ve registered you’ll receive an invitation to join the Google Classroom.

question markI’m getting lots of questions about how to sign up. Here’s some info from the workshop website.

  • NYS School Library Systems: If you’re in New York State, check with your school district or BOCES School Library System director. Many of the SLSs are sponsoring participants.
  • Individuals: If you’re not in NYS or your SLS isn’t sponsoring people, you can join on your own. The fee is $150 per person. NOTE: You’ll need approval from your own school district for the Continuing Ed/Professional Development hours. I can give you a certificate and provide information about the workshop for your administrators, but I’m not authorized by any state to award official continuing ed or professional development hours.  If you sign up on your own, you’ll be able to join the Google Classroom, have you work reviewed by the workshop instructor and participate in class discussions.
  • Free DIY option! The content for the workshop is all on this website. Anyone can use the content, do the work independently and submit it to their own school district for professional development hours.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can email me at pollyalida on