Booklist widget – titles from those sh*thole countries

I love that so many librarians and booksellers reacted to the vile words and hate spewed by the US President this past week by pulling together lists and displays promoting the amazing literature about and/or by authors from ‘those’ countries.

Last March, I created a shareable widget of books for kids focusing on Empathy, Diversity and the Immigrant Experience built from library and bookseller lists. Today I’ve done the same and created a shareable widget from the following booklists.

All credits go to the creators of the following bookslists: (I’ll update as I find more lists)

If you’d like to use this book display widget, just copy the code below and add it to your own web pages. Please be sure to give credit to the sources above or link back here for those sources.

<div id="w840f321663572cecd99e28f31bdc23f0"></div><script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" src=""></script><noscript><a href="">My Library</a> at <a href="">LibraryThing</a></noscript>

Handy Tip:  The links in the widget go back to LibraryThing. If you’re using the Chrome browser and have installed the Library Extension, you’ll get links back to your catalog. This works in GoodReads and Amazon too. This post has more info on adult book lists and that Chrome Extension: Powerful Book Lists & Handy Library Extension for Chrome

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  1. Love this post! — Maybe if people (someone especially) read Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Farmer, they’d understand why such countries are in “tough shape”. We should empathize, rather than ostracize….

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