Library Advocacy MOOC

Interesting learning opportunity Begins Feb 24 – free edX MOOC on library advocacy being offered by Wendy Newman, Gwen Harris and Colleen Dineen – U of Toronto iSchool. Library Advocacy Unshushed: Values, evidence, action Learn […]

Online Signing for The Declaration for the Right to Libraries

The Declaration for the Right to Libraries You can now sign the Declaration for the Right to Libraries online?  Have you signed?  Is your library holding a signing event? Have you put the the logo and […]

“Child of the Library” Library Closures Protest Song

“A sea of story waits for you behind the library door, Don’t say we can’t afford it anymore” Piers Cawley sings his “Child of the Library” song at OSCON in July 2011.  I’d love this […]

The Time for Libraries is Now

Share this impressive presentation with anyone who wonders why libraries are still important! Use it the next time you need to advocate for your library.  And also, admire the amazing presentation skills here. Well done! […]

Digital Storytelling as Advocacy – TechSoup Contest

TechSoup’s Digital Storytelling Event Are you up for a fun challenge? One that will help you showcase your organization’s mission and work? What a great opportunity to create a compelling advocacy piece for your library […]

Help Protect New York’s Libraries & Library Systems

Help us protect NY’s libraries and library systems. We need to tell the NYS Legislature to reject the $2.4 million cut in Library Aid Governor David Paterson is proposing in the 2010-2011 Executive Budget. This […]