ImageCodr – Handy Photo Crediting Tool

ImageCodr – A handy tool that simplifies finding, using and crediting flickr photos for reuse on web pages. It creates a block of code that displays the photo, the photographer’s flickr name, links back to […]

Blog Analysis Fun

Helene Blowers recently posted links to some fun blog analysis tools: Here’s a list of a few fun blog analyzers that supposedly offer up some insights into your blog and writing style. Note: I can’t […]

FeedMyInbox – super easy rss to email

FeedMyInbox is a fairly new tool for getting RSS content via email. And it’s dead simple to use. Enter the URL for the feed and your email address. That’s it! You’ll get an email with […]

Cover It Live – live blogging made easy is a pretty nifty (& free) tool to let’s you provide live commentary from an event.  (Live blogging. blogcasting?) You type your notes into a browser based interface and your commentary is streamed out […]

Terrific magazine style WordPress theme

I love this magazine style WordPress theme and think it would be terrific for libraries looking to use WordPress as a content management system for their web site. I particularly like how it lets you […]

Evaluating Web Content – in the age of blogs, wikis & social networking

Laura Cohen and Trudi Jacobson (U of Albany Libraries) have put together a terrific new guide to Evaluating Web Content, with particular attention being paid to blogs, wikis, social networking, multimedia sources and more. 10 […]