101 Free Tech Books!

101FreeTechBooks gives away 101 free books every month. It’s simple – you sign up for this free service, create a wish list of tech books and you might just win one of them in their […]

Books selected by your neighbors

What a fun idea from Half Hollow Hills Community Library. “We invite our patrons to display their favorite books, authors, music, or movies to share with their neighbors.” More info: Read Like Larry What your […]

Your weeded books can do some good

Elisabeth Abarbanel wrote a great post about what they do with books they weed at her library. Many of them are donated to Better World Books. Read  her post for details. This could be a […]

Google Books – Barcode scanning & Search your collection

Barcode your bookshelf with Google Books features a short video that shows how to use a bar code scanner to enter your books into your personal library on Google Books. I don’t have a scanner, […]

Interpreting the Evolution of English

My nephew is writing some wonderful stuff! Interpreting the Evolution of English – Accents, dialects, slang and how we got from King James to hip-hop swagger. Reviews of: The Prodigal Tongue, by Mark Abley and […]

Back when Gopher, Jughead, Vernonica and WAIS were tops

I hate throwing books out, but these are too old to donate to my local public library for their book sale. And I imagine anyone with a ‘history of the internet’ collection will already have […]

Nancy Pearl was in town

Last week Nancy Pearl was in town for the 50th anniversary of the Southern Adirondack Library System and gave a delightful talk at their annual dinner. She also presented several other programs, including a session […]

Voting time in the StoryTubes video contest

Congratulations to the seven children in New York State who submitted videos about their favorite books to the nationwide StoryTubes video contest. All the New York State entries have been posted to the NYS Summer […]

Great Book Stories & VoiceThread

I just came across a wonderful multimedia project called Great Book Stories. It offers students and teachers the opportunity to share their favorite books through pictures, text and audio. The wiki links to digital stories […]