Google sky map

I’m having a great time playing with my new Verizon Droid phone and learning how to interact with a phone that is way smarter than me. My old phone was 6 years old, hip for […]

Studiyo – fun quiz creator

Making quizzes just keeps getting easier and more fun. studiyo has a great interface that lets you create multiple choice quizzes and easily embed them in your blog or other web page. Quizzes can include […]

Flip video camera rebate

Thinking about buying some of those terrific little Flip video cameras for your library? Then check out this rebate that Melissa Bergin from Niskayuna High School came across today: If you go to Flip Video’s […]

David Pogue loves the Flip video cam – so do I

In the NYT tech section today, David Pogue give the simple little Flip video cam a terrific review – Camcorder Brings Zen to the Shoot I bought one about 4 months ago, lured by its […]