“You people are just following a fad!”

I recently encountered a librarian who was feeling overwhelmed by too much technology and feeling that people were telling him to jump on all the latest tech tools and implement them just because they’re “cool”. […]

Librarians’s Guide to Gaming Toolkit

Check out this new resource from ALA’:  The Librarian’s Guide to Gaming: An Online Toolkit for Building Gaming @ Your Library Libraries of all types promote the development of these literacy skills in numerous ways: […]

Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009

Michael Stephens has posted his annual look at what technology trends he thinks will impact libraries in 2009. This year, I’m focusing on some ideas and technologies that I believe will impact everyone. These things […]

My kind of library

Happiness is a teeny tiny portable computer, free wifi, a cup of coffee and lunch – all while visiting your  public library. John has another great shot in front of the fireplace in the library. […]

TED Talk: Creativity & Play

Great presentation from the TED Talks. Tim Brown: The powerful link between creativity and play Talked about the need to engage in: playful exploration playful building playful roleplaying Started with an exercise – asked the […]

Thank you library lady.

The route for all my errands today was planned around a trip to the library in a neighboring town. They had the book I really wanted. You know how it is, you finish a good […]


In case you haven’t heard, texting is kind of popular. 😉 TextsVersusCalls via kwout Personally, it looks like I would fall into the over 65 crowd, but I think my texting age will go down […]

Playing with new themes

Testing out some new themes this week. Comparing how they work here in a single user install of WordPress and the multiuser version, WordPress MU. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be teaching a class […]

Glogster: taking posters to a whole new level

Glogster for Education lets you create online posters with graphics, photos, text, video and audio. Wow, what a great tool for student projects. I can see lots of other fun uses for this in public […]

ALSC – Great Technology Programs for Children

If you’re looking for some great children’s programming incorporating technology, visit the Great Technology Programs for Children wiki page. There are currently about a dozen listings including programs related to reading, storytime, gaming and more. […]

23 Things at the Connecticut State Library

The Connecticut State Library launched 2.0@CSL last week, a 23 things Learning 2.0 project for State Library staff. Kris Abery, Sharon Clapp and Nancy Peluso were the masterminds behind the project and have done a […]

7 Ways Your Public Library Can Help You During A Bad Economy

7 Ways Your Public Library Can Help You During A Bad Economy: Handy short article on the ways library services and resources can help people at ANY time, not just during a bad economy. 1. […]