by  Jameson42  At this time last year, I had lots of training travel plans for the winter months, all of which came to an abrupt halt when I broke my knee in February. Even with that […]


Day 5 of #blog12daysxmas Last summer Evernote acquired Skitch, a free tool for annotating, editing and sharing images and screenshots. When it became available for the iPad, I finally gave in and upgraded to iOS […]

Etc: QuietTube, FlipSnack & PewInternet Twitter Update

Quietube – A handy tool for removing all the extraneous stuff on a YouTube page. Sometimes the suggested videos & comments on a YouTube page can be a bit distracting or inappropriate for your audience. […]

What’s Google planning?

Wonder what’s up at Google this week? First a fun bouncing Google logo today (as seen on Firefox, IE, Flock & Chrome) Screencasts and videos online Then a gray Google logo: And now some cryptic […]