Quick Notetaking Tool

And for Day 2 (a day late!) of #blog12daysxmas: Jotting down some quick notes & sharing them couldn’t be easier than with   Just visit the site and start  typing, no login necessary.  […]

Make Music with Aviary

I haven’t looked at Aviary in a while. Wow, what I’ve been missing! Aviary is a free suite of tools for creating and editing images and sound. The image editing tool includes advanced features like […]

Glogster: taking posters to a whole new level

Glogster for Education lets you create online posters with graphics, photos, text, video and audio. Wow, what a great tool for student projects. I can see lots of other fun uses for this in public […]

Google Maps & Wikipedia. Can you find your library?

When you look at Google Maps these days, you’ll see links to Wikipedia articles (and tons of other stuff too!). Yet another reason to make sure your library has an article about it in Wikipedia. […]

Buzzword – Adobe’s Web-Based Word Processor

Just ran across Buzzword, a fairly new web-based word processor from Adobe. It has a very slick interface and lots of features. You can share your documents with others, designating them as “co-authors” with editing […]