Podcast Profile

Ever want to know what podcasts your friends are listening to? Or share your own favorites?  Podcast Profile is a simple way create a nice list of your podcasts, complete with cover art and links […]

Podcast Feast

I’m still a day or two behind – this is for Day 7 of #blog12daysxmas! This was a busy weekend with more family visiting. And that meant more cooking. And cooking means lots of time […]

Screencasting & Podcasting classes

Since I don’t teach the same groups of people all the time, I don’t often get to see what the folks in my classes do with what they’ve learned. But this week two librarians let […]

AudioBoo & Vocaroo & Google Earth

This morning I saw a tweet that led me to a wiki that mentioned a blog post that answered a question I didn’t realize I had – yet! The question was how to add audio […]

Fixing podcasts that don’t play on my mp3 player

I love my handy dandy little Archos 104 mp3 player, but there are some podcasts that just won’t play on it. In particular the wonderful library programs from OPAL just freeze up. I contacted the […]