23 Mobile Things: Thing 10 – Social Reading

I didn’t really set out to cover Thing 10 in the 23 mobile things project today, but that’s what happened. (I’m participating in the ANZ23MobileThings project and they’re not due to cover Thing 10 for […]

MHLS Build Your Base Online project – RSS examples

I’m working with the Mid-Hudson Library System on a 10 week 23 things online learning project, which is part of their Building Your Base  project, a 2 year grant funded project focusing on helping library […]

Google Reader : Tags have feeds

I use my Shared Items feed from Google Reader to drop odds and ends of interesting items on the sidebar of this blog. Handy, but it’s just one feed. I wanted to be able to […]

FeedMyInbox – super easy rss to email

FeedMyInbox is a fairly new tool for getting RSS content via email. And it’s dead simple to use. Enter the URL for the feed and your email address. That’s it! You’ll get an email with […]

RSS feeds for web searches

Most of us have a few (or many!) topics that we do repeat searches on in the big search engines. This might be a research topic you’re trying to keep up to date on, your […]

Feevy – dynamic blogroll on your sidebar

feevy lets you put updates from other blogs on your sidebar. Instead of a static list of links to other blogs (or in addition to), readers will see the latest entries from your selection of […]