Viewzi – New Search Tool

Viewzi takes your search terms, tries to figure out what you’re looking for and get the most relevant results. Sounds like every search engine, right? Viewzi’s twist is in the variety of different “views” within […]

Time to Clean Up Your Web Site & Give Your Customers What They Want

Curtis Rogers’ post The Library’s web site shouldn’t be a PUZZLE to Patrons (which is in part a summary of a post from The Marketing Blog) makes some great points about our how we can […]

GoGooligans revisited

After I posted some concerns about GoGooligans last week, the developer of GoGooligans responded to these and those expressed by others over at flickr. As a result, he’s deleted the “hey kid – click this […]

GoGooligans?? A no go.

I have to admit, I haven’t been keeping up on search tools for kids. So when a colleague popped GoGooligans into my account I thought I’d take a look. The first thing that I […]