Pinterest: Tips for locating original images

If you’re having as much fun with Pinterest as I am, you’ve probably noticed that many pinned images don’t link back to an original source. Or worse, they don’t link back to any source at […]

Pinterest: curation, image sharing, collaborating, bookmarking & obsession

Like so many other folks, I’m having a lot of fun with Pinterest. When it released invitations last spring, I grabbed one and included it in my school library workshops as a way for students […]

FourSquare and Libraries

Have you tried FourSquare yet? It’s a new-ish social networking tool that lets you use your phone to checkin at the places you visit during your day. You can share those locations and tips about […]

Using Web 2.0 Tools to Deliver Statewide Library Services

On Sept 24th, I’ll be participating in a forum at the 2009 COSLINE (Council of State Library Agencies in the Northeast) meeting. The theme for the conference is the role of technology on delivery of […]

Teachers & Students & Facebook?

If you’re a teacher/librarian, do you friend your students on Facebook? MySpace? twitter? flickr? Do you communicate via email? IM? Texting? Is Facebook different than other tools for some reason?  As educators do we have […]

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

If you’re using Facebook and haven’t paid attention to who can see what you’re posting, take a look at this great post by Nick O’Neill on 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know. Facebook’s […]