School Library 2.0 Weekend Retreat

Coming up next weekend (September 27 and 28th), I’ll be facilitating a workshop for School Library Media Specialists. I can promise you it will be a weekend full of learning, laughter and a lot of […]

Dear Dell – Part 2

My laptop came back today and still doesn’t work. It did work for a few minutes. Enough to lull me into nice feelings towards Dell. They did the work in a hurry and got it […]

Dear Dell Computer

I try to avoid ranting here on my blog, but this whole laptop mess has me needing to do some venting. Some suggestions for Dell Tech Support: – When a customer says they have their […]

Washington, Wikipedia and Web 3.0: What is the Future of the Web?

Looking forward to attending this event next week: Washington, Wikipedia and Web 3.0: What is the Future of the Web? On June 11, 2008, leading authorities on the World Wide Web will gather at Rensselaer […]

Food for Thought: an innovative learning program for RIT staff

Food for Thought is an innovative one day learning program for campus staff at RIT: A full day of learning sessions on a variety of topics that range from application-specific workshops, to explorations of technology […]

Free Screen Shot software – Giveaway of the Day

I haven’t downloaded this software yet, plan to try it later today. I’ve been using the SnagIt for screen captures for years and also use FireShot (free plugin for Firefox). But this TNT Screen Capture […]

Web 2.0 Workshop Day at Nioga

We’re having a great and productive day here at Nioga Library System in Lockport NY. We’ve spent the morning sharing ideas about using 2.0 tools in libraries. Everyone shared what they’ve been doing in their […]

Treasure Trove of Learning Tools

Top Tools for Learning is an invaluable list of 100 learning tools compiled from the contributions of over 150 educators who each submitted their top 10 tools for learning. The top tools include, Firefox, […]

Free Flip Video Cams for non-profits

Flip Video has committed to giving away 1 million Flip Video cams to qualified non-profits to help them tell their stories. Check their guidelines to see if your library or organization qualifies. Pure Digital Technologies […]

Sharing 2.0 Curriculum Ideas for K-12

I just ran across the California 2.0 Curriculum Connections wiki. It has some great ideas for using 2.0 tools in the K-12 curriculum. The wiki is a part of the California School Library Learning 2.0 […]

Librarians who never stop!

Friday night, 10pm. School librarians who’d been working all week, then attended a Friday night, 4pm-9pm training session that was continuing all day Saturday. Yet here they are, at 10pm still playing with their computers […]

Great service from T-mobile

I’m sorry I had to cancel my T-mobile hotspot account today (and no it had nothing to do with Starbucks canceling their contract with tmobile!). I’ve used T-mobile for nearly 4 years now. Never had […]