Playing with new themes

Testing out some new themes this week. Comparing how they work here in a single user install of WordPress and the multiuser version, WordPress MU. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be teaching a class […]

Google gadget tutorial

This tutorial from SEOish on How to Make Google Gadgets uses  google gadgets to teach about making google gadgets. Love the video next to the gadget editor. Clever and effective.

23 Things at the Connecticut State Library

The Connecticut State Library launched 2.0@CSL last week, a 23 things Learning 2.0 project for State Library staff. Kris Abery, Sharon Clapp and Nancy Peluso were the masterminds behind the project and have done a […]

School Library Workshop

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of teaching a workshop for school librarians in the Dutchess & Ulster BOCES School Library Systems. 14 librarians gave up the weekend to be locked away in […]

School Library 2.0 Weekend Retreat

Coming up next weekend (September 27 and 28th), I’ll be facilitating a workshop for School Library Media Specialists. I can promise you it will be a weekend full of learning, laughter and a lot of […]

A Dozen Back to School Uses for Big Huge Labs Trading Card Generator

In a class last week, someone suggested using the the free trading cards generator at as a ‘get to know you’ sort of exercise at the beginning of the school year.  That got me […]

Food for Thought: an innovative learning program for RIT staff

Food for Thought is an innovative one day learning program for campus staff at RIT: A full day of learning sessions on a variety of topics that range from application-specific workshops, to explorations of technology […]

Wow, real world projects and why I love teaching!

Those of you who teach workshops will understand this. I love teaching, I love seeing all the projects that get started in classes and all the ideas that get shared, but I miss not seeing […]

Librarians who never stop!

Friday night, 10pm. School librarians who’d been working all week, then attended a Friday night, 4pm-9pm training session that was continuing all day Saturday. Yet here they are, at 10pm still playing with their computers […]

Thanks to the folks at the Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System

A huge thank you to all the wonderful MOBAC folks and staff at the Hartnell College Library in Salinas, CA. The Audio, Screencasting and Video workshop last Friday went off without a hitch. And what […]

On business and libraries and technology and …

Do you read Harvey Mackay’s weekly column “On Business“? It’s always full of great advice on running your business better. There’s nothing cut-throat, devious or flashy in his advice and that’s why I like it. […]

Class: Taste of 2.0: Meeting Community Needs

Today’s class was an intro to 2.0 topics. We talked a lot about web 2.0 and library 2.0. And then dove into trying out some 2.0 tools and considering how they can be used in […]