lurk learn connect tweet (reprinted from NYLA eBulletin) Sometimes people really do tweet about what they had for lunch and that’s ok. “A simple grilled cheese, onion & spinach sandwich became elevated by the addition […]

New & Not so new stuff: #4 Some back to school resources

“My First School Day” Image via Wikipedia Just a quick post with some odds and ends of great resource sites & blog posts that I’ve run across in the past few weeks. I came across […]

Readability & TBuzz

Readability, from Arc90, removes the clutter from busy Web pages, making them much easier to read. On the Readability website, set your preferences for how you’d like to view web pages – font size, margin […]

Twitter Fantastico

Twitter Fantastico is a  great set of Greasemonkey scripts adding some nifty features to Twitter. I was looking for something that would add a “retweet this” button to the end of tweets. I found that […]

Qwitter: Catches Twitter Quitters

Qwitter does one thing – it tells you when someone has dropped you on twitter. And it tells you the last post you wrote before they dropped you. Kind like a best friend who finds […]

What are you doing? Twitter what?

I have to admit to a love-hate relationship with Twitter, the microblogging “what are you doing?” tool that many people are, shall we say, twittering about. Some days I love being tuned into all the […]

Travel info chatter and a twitter mashup

While looking at some travel sites earlier today, I ran across an interesting airport chatter service at Use this service to find out what’s happening now at your airport(s) and to share your observations […]