Booklist widget – titles from those sh*thole countries

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I love that so many librarians and booksellers reacted to the vile words and hate spewed by the US President this past week by pulling together lists and displays promoting the amazing literature about and/or […]

Update to Books for Kids: Empathy, Diversity and the Immigrant Experience


Earlier this year I put together a web site widget called  Books for Kids: Empathy, Diversity and the Immigrant Experience that anyone can embed on their own websites. (see details on that earlier blog post)  The […]

Peanut Butter Recalls – Widgets & Twitter

The US Centers for Disease Control has a widget for to help consumers keep up to date on the Food & Drug Administration recalls of peanut butter products. You can add the widget to your […]

Google Gadgets & Library Search

Last year I fiddled around with creating some simple Google Gadgets for the catalogs of my local library systems. Mostly to figure out how to create them, but also because I’m lazy. I wanted easy […]

Studiyo – fun quiz creator

Making quizzes just keeps getting easier and more fun. studiyo has a great interface that lets you create multiple choice quizzes and easily embed them in your blog or other web page. Quizzes can include […]

Video, slidehows, photos – widgets add fresh content to your web site

Ever wondered how to add a flickr slideshow to your website? Or a YouTube video? Or a PowerPoint slideshow? Check out this great article by Aaron Schmidt: Widgets and Widgetry for Librarians: Copy, Paste, and […]