Shout it Out for Your Library!

A successful campaign to retain funding! NYPL YouTube Shout it Out for Your Library Join Bette Midler, Jeff Daniels, Barbara Walters, Tim Gunn, Amy Tan and more…speak out for your library and help fight cuts […]

Video, slidehows, photos – widgets add fresh content to your web site

Ever wondered how to add a flickr slideshow to your website? Or a YouTube video? Or a PowerPoint slideshow? Check out this great article by Aaron Schmidt: Widgets and Widgetry for Librarians: Copy, Paste, and […]

David Pogue loves the Flip video cam – so do I

In the NYT tech section today, David Pogue give the simple little Flip video cam a terrific review – Camcorder Brings Zen to the Shoot I bought one about 4 months ago, lured by its […]

Standing an egg on end – from Bad Astronomy

In honor of the vernal equinox and Easter, learn how to stand an egg on end any time of year. It just takes patience and a steady hand, so says Phil Plait over at the […]

Turning off YouTube’s ‘related videos’ feature

Embedding YouTube videos on your web site? The embedded player that YouTube provides includes links to videos related to your video based on the words you used to describe your video. Problem is, these ‘related […]