• Day 1

    December 1st

    Get a Letter from Santa

    Create a personalized letter from Santa with BigHugeLabs. Take time to explore all the other fun things you can create here.

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  • Day 2

    December 2nd

    Sharalike Video

    Gather up your favorite photos from the year and set them to music for a slideshow video to share with family and friends. Upload your photos and videos, then choose from a limited number of slide show styles and transitions speeds. Music can also be added. Key feature is its simplicity. Free.  (iPad, Android, Web)  

    TIP: If you need images with captions or other text, use Google Slides or Powerpoint first to add text and other effects to your photos. Then save/export the slides as regular jpg files to use in your Sharalike video.

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  • Day 3

    December 3rd

    Make a Snowman with Google Slides

    What a fun way to build a snowman. Write a message, then take a screenshot to email your pictures to a friend. Or how about printing it out as a holiday card.

    Clever use of Google slides! You could create projects like this for other holidays. How about one that kids can use to create their own avatar?

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  • Day 4

    December 4th

    Emojify the Holidays

    Create an emoji and learn a bit of coding with Made With Code's Emojify the Holiday project. Explore the whole collection of coding projects.

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  • Day 5

    December 5th

    Storybird Poetry

    Choose a piece of artwork from Storybird's beautiful collectino and create your own poem inspired by artwork, refrigerator magnet style.

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  • Day 6

    December 6th

    Peace Crane Project

    Learn to fold origami peace cranes and learn the meaning of the Peace Crane project. Printable coloring pages for younger kids. Sign up your classroom or group to participate in a crane exchange with another student group. Lots of global connection possibilities here.

    Use your cranes to decorate packages, create greeting cards or string a bunch together to decorate for the holidays.

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  • Day 7

    December 7th

    Books for Empathy Widget

    Books for kids on Empathy, Diversity and the Immigrant Experience. Use this LibraryThing book widget on your own website.

    If you have a librarything account, try your had at creating your own book widget.

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  • Day 8

    December 8th

    Holiday Cards

    Choose from a selection of colorful holiday card designs. Then customize them and download for sharing and printing. 

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  • Day 9

    December 9th

    Light Up Christmas Cards

    Make Rudolph's nose light up! Or light up a Christmas tree with these fun paper circuit holiday card templates. Paper Circuit Starter Kit

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  • Day 10

    December 10th

    Day By Day Family Literacy Calendars

    A daily selection of early literacy resources for families. Spanish and English versions.

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  • Day 11

    December 11th

    Google Santa Tracker

    Learn about holiday traditions, play games, some simple fun coding games. And of course, the Santa Tracker on Dec 24.

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  • Day 12

    December 12th

    Paper Circuit Menorah

    What a cool science project! Create your own light-up menorah with copper tape circuits. Paper Circuit Starter Kit

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  • Day 13

    December 13th

    Make a Dreidel Launcher

    Not getting enough spin on your dreidel? Make this simple launcher and watch it spin, spin, spin.

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  • Day 14

    December 14th

    Polar Express Activity Calendar

    25 Days of The Polar Express: a variety of fun Polar Express-themed games and activities for every day in December up to the 25th!

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  • Day 15

    December 15th

    Winter Magnetic Poetry

    Have fun with Winter Magnetic Poetry created with Google Slides. Just click on the USE TEMPLATE button at top right to make your own copy of it. Move the words around on Slide 1, check slides 2 and 3 for word lists. Thanks to Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning for this fun activity.

    I bet you can figure out how to make one of your own with different words and a different scene!

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  • Day 16

    December 16th

    Christmast Lights

    Decorate the houses with twinkling lights and add some music. Fun for all ages.

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  • Day 17

    December 17th

    Hanukkah Word Search

    Choice of an easy (small) or hard (big) word search puzzle.

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  • Day 18

    December 18th

    K-2 Holiday Creative Fun Collection

    "Looking for some fun holiday activity options for your little learners in these last days before vacation? Check out this Holiday Fun Collection designed with young students in mind!" from Susan Stewart

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  • Day 19

    December 19th

    30 Apps to Spread and Enjoy Some Holiday Cheer

    Check out all the fun apps that Shelly Terrell has gathered in this post. Creating gifts, augmented reality, holiday fun and games, and more!

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  • Day 20

    December 20th

    Holiday Lights Writing

    Scroll down to the bottom of Eric Curts' fun holiday post to find the directions for making your Google Doc text light up with holiday colors! How to spice up your family holiday letter! :)

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  • Day 21

    December 21st

    Christmas Photo Ornament

    A quick and easy last minute craft project for kids. Perfect little giftie for grandparents. (And your great auntie as well! That would be me!)

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  • Day 22

    December 22nd

    Star Wars Snowflakes

    Print out these intricate patterns and may the force be with you.

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  • Day 23

    December 23rd

    Create a Photo Puzzle Holiday Card

    Pick one of Pixabay's colorful holiday images and select how many puzzle pieces you want. Write a message on the back of the puzzle, then share the link with your friends and family. When they solve the puzzle, they can read your greeting.

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  • Day 24

    December 24th

    Christmas Word Search

    Choice of an easy (small) or hard (big) word search puzzle.

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