Infographics Workshop


Resources and links for March 11, 2016 Infographics in Education Workshop at Rockland BOCES School Library System.

Download PDF of Workshop slides

Infographics – ideas, inspirations, examples

Teaching with Infographics

Steps in creating an infographic

  • What’s your idea?!
  • Research it.
  • Find data and analyze data. Is there a story there? Do the data show interesting connections?
  • What is the “ONE BIG IDEA” that will hook them into looking further?
  • Look at other infographics for layout and presentation ideas.
  • Sketch out ideas for presenting the information.
  • What sorts of charts and images will you need?
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE! Don’t cram in too many graphics, data or text.
  • Select a tool and start creating. Consider using another infographic or a standard template as a starting point.

Infographic Tools

Fun Instant Infographics

Some fun odds and ends of tools that will create infographics for you based on your twitter account, google analytics, addresss, etc.

  • Visually Apps – Twitter Showdown, Google Analytics
  • InstaGIS – enter an address, get demographic info for area. Compare age, race, sex and income for different addresses.
  • – Uses your data from LinkedIn to create a graphic resume.

More Resources