Powerful Book Lists & Handy Library Extension for Chrome


One response to the political chaos of the last few weeks has been the publication of many wonderful lists of books that encourage reading more diversely.  The four lists below focus on works that celebrate Black Voices, Refugees from all over the world and Muslims. What will you be adding to your reading list?

With so many great book suggestions, the Library Extension for Chrome comes in handy. It checks your local library for titles you’re viewing in Amazon, GoodReads and other sites. Includes a link to that library’s catalog to borrow or place a hold. Handy time saver!!

Library Extension










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New York State Children’s Choice Book Award is Back!

After a 2 year hiatus, the New York State 3 Apples Book Award is back! Started in 2007 by the school library and youth services sections of the New York Library Association, the award celebrates the joys of reading for pleasure.

Children and teens, aged 4 to 18, nominate the titles and vote for the winners.  To vote, kids must read or listen to at least 3 of the nominated books. Voting takes place in April, Continue reading

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President Obama’s Book Lists

president obama reads books

Thanks Obama!

Recently, the NYTimes published two wonderful pieces sharing how  important reading has always been to President Obama.

In the interview the President mentions giving his older daughter, Malia, a Kindle full of books he thinks she might enjoy and learn from. My first thought was “I want that book list!” Well that book list doesn’t seem to be available, though we can hope they might share it someday.

But, there are other lists! WhiteHouse.gov has a few (though for how long, who knows.) And a quick web search turns up many, many more.

From Whitehouse.gov:

And a few more reading lists: Continue reading

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#WomensMarch Photos on Storify

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Protect Your Privacy – Opt Out of FamilyTreeNow

family tree now

FamilyTreeNow, a free “people search” site, has received a lot of attention in the past week, starting with some tweets and a Washington Post article. Like many, I’d never heard of the site. The site aggregates personal information from a wide range of public sourcse. Street addresses are the easiest to find. Other data might include names of family members & colleagues, marriage and divorce information, military background and more.

Since all of the data is from public records databases, none of it is truly secret or unavailable. But FamilyTreeNow makes the data really easy to find. Great for genealogy fans, not so great for privacy fans.

Fortunately, it’s also very easy to opt-out. Continue reading

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Book Riot’s 2017 Read Harder Book Challenge


BookRiot has posted it’s 3rd annual Read Harder Challenge. A list of 24 reading tasks to challenge you through the year. Read a book for each task or use a single book to meet multiple challenges.

There’s a GoodReads group which is great for gathering suggested titles and of course BookRiot is full of ideas.

Here’s the 2017 Challenge List

Right off the bat, I’m a bit stumped by #1. Despite my sports talk there, I really don’t know what to read for that. Maybe something about Cricket? (bats, stumped…) Continue reading

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