Selected Libraries Using WordPress

NOTE:  I’m planning to update this page and include more examples of library WordPress sites and projects. If you’d like to have your library or library related project show up here,  please fill in the form below. If you can’t access the form below, use this link.


A selection of libraries using WordPress – most examples are for libraries using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) to serve as the primary website for their library. (This list is by no means comprehensive! If you have some good examples to add, leave a comment below or tweet me @pollyalida)

School Libraries using WordPress

Public  Libraries using WordPress

Academic Libraries & Projects using WordPress

Special projects, library agencies & more

State & Regional Projects 

  • Wp4lib – Older list of library websites on WordPress.

Some non-library examples




6 thoughts on “Selected Libraries Using WordPress”

  1. Hello. We’re a small web development company in Eastern Ontario (near Canada’s capital). We use out of preference over for many of our small business and non-profit clients, including three libraries in our region:

    We’re working with a fourth library in our area this year, and I’ve appreciated reviewing the list that you maintain, particularly as in this case we’re going to need to use (this particular library is bilingual and also relies on the BrowseAloud plug-in).

    Thank you for considering the addition of these sites to your list.

    1. Thank you Dagne, those sites look great! Nice to have some examples to show just how much you can do. And you’ve reminded me that I need to actually get the page updated. Yikes, it’s been a while.

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