Will I ever catch up and finish this challenge before it’s over? Day 10 of #blog12daysxmas was 2 days ago. I think the challenge is probably over in Australia, since it’s already Day 12 there! […]

Two free webinars: eBooks & WordPress

I’m very happy to be participating in the next Carterette Series webinars sponsored by the Georgia Library Association on Wednesday, January 18 from 2 – 4:15 PM. Registration is free. The always awesome Kate Sheehan […]

14 Things To Tame

Check out  14 Things to Tame, a terrific new Learning 2.0 project for teachers from Sara Kelley-Mudie.  They’ll be covering a lot of ground over the next 15 weeks! You can be sure I’ll be […]

Podcast Feast

I’m still a day or two behind – this is for Day 7 of #blog12daysxmas! This was a busy weekend with more family visiting. And that meant more cooking. And cooking means lots of time […]

Sharing with Evernote public folders

I’m a day or two behind, but I’m catching up – this is for Day 6 of #blog12daysxmas! Evernote is one of several tools that help keep me organized. And that’s saying a lot. In […]


Day 5 of #blog12daysxmas Last summer Evernote acquired Skitch, a free tool for annotating, editing and sharing images and screenshots. When it became available for the iPad, I finally gave in and upgraded to iOS […]

ifttt sends my Summify updates to Instapaper

Day 4 of #blog12daysxmas and that means it’s already 1/3 over. Maybe this is a challenge I can actually meet? Yesterday I posted about Summify, a tool for monitoring social media for the  articles and […]

Summify is good for my blood pressure

It’s day 3 of #blog12daysxmas and I have a confession. I don’t visit my Google Reader account as often as I would like to. Some days (weeks?) are just so busy & I run out of brain cells. Quick Notetaking Tool

And for Day 2 (a day late!) of #blog12daysxmas: Jotting down some quick notes & sharing them couldn’t be easier than with   Just visit the site and start  typing, no login necessary.  […]

Thanks for a Wonderful Year!

Thanks to everyone who made my work so much fun over the past year. Here’s a quick video with some photos from workshops, dinners, conferences and other fun events from the past year.  Watch out […]