CIL 2009

I don’t think I’ll be able to summarize any more CIL sessions as I’m off for a bit of extended travel. Let me just say it was a great conference. Lots of interesting sessions and […]

Blogs as websites – CIL2009

Computers in Libraries – Blogs as websites session – Track E105 Aaron Schmidt – DC Public Library 10 reasons to use wordpress to create your website Free – – remotely hosted version of WordPress, […]

Internet @ Schools – Curriki session

I haven’t had time to blog  all the sessions I’ve been to. Here’s one from the School Libraries track. Internet @ Schools East Tuesday – Track S201 -Open Educational Resources: Join the Global Education Community […]

Computers in Libraries

Against all odds, I made it to DC for the 2009 Computers in Libraries meeting. I hope to do some posts about the sessions I attend. Wish me luck with my good intentions! And if […]