Readability & TBuzz

Readability, from Arc90, removes the clutter from busy Web pages, making them much easier to read. On the Readability website, set your preferences for how you’d like to view web pages – font size, margin […]

ALA Photo & Tweet Tracker

Not at ALA Annual in Chicago? Want to track what’s happening? Check out this super handy ALA2009 tracker page created by Heather Devine. And check out her blog,, to find out more about the […]

Twitter Fantastico

Twitter Fantastico is a  great set of Greasemonkey scripts adding some nifty features to Twitter. I was looking for something that would add a “retweet this” button to the end of tweets. I found that […]

Peanut Butter Recalls – Widgets & Twitter

The US Centers for Disease Control has a widget for to help consumers keep up to date on the Food & Drug Administration recalls of peanut butter products. You can add the widget to your […]

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know

If you’re using Facebook and haven’t paid attention to who can see what you’re posting, take a look at this great post by Nick O’Neill on 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know. Facebook’s […]

Qwitter: Catches Twitter Quitters

Qwitter does one thing – it tells you when someone has dropped you on twitter. And it tells you the last post you wrote before they dropped you. Kind like a best friend who finds […]