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Polly’s workshops change behaviors and attitudes about technology. I hired her again and again because her clear well-thought-out delivery and positively fun attitude gave participants the confidence they needed to take risks, try new things, and apply them in their work and/or personal lives. – Elaine Baker, Southern Adirondack Library System.

Polly is an excellent teacher. The best thing is that she’s a librarian and knows what we need and expect from Technology.

Polly is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer with a keen sense of how to bring client groups from where they are to the next level. Her library experience coupled with information technology knowledge allows her to bridge the technology gap that exists in many smaller libraries to offer solutions that are adaptable to any budget.

Tech Tools Update Workshop

  • This topic is so dynamic, I can see it repeated next year with new, fresh material all over again.
  • Great workshop! It’s valuable that we can access the workshop website after the fact. We are already thinking of ways we can share tools with our system librarians.
  • Polly was great – informative, engaging and enthusiastic.
  • As a former library trustee, I was struck by the number of tools that any library board, the committees, individual trustees or even Friends groups could have harnessed for communicating with patrons, or with each other while working on capital campaigns, fundraising events or even just the day to day needs.  I genuinely enjoyed spending the day learning about tools I did not know, or finding out better and more extensive uses for ones with which I thought I was familiar. There was nothing I considered a waste of time, and while there were some tools I cannot think of an immediate personal application, those same tools may be useful to a colleague, a patron…anyone. As a librarian, it’s never just about me, it’s being able to help people access and use information best suited to their needs and abilities — the more things I can recommend or demonstrate to help improve use and accessibility the better, GREAT workshop!

Cool Tools for School Online Workshops

  • Hip hip hooray!! I’m VERY excited to be starting my third year of Cool Tools For Schools with Polly ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not exaggerating when I say how valuable these lessons are to me both personally and professionally. This is such a wonderful way to stay informed about what is available, and there is always something I can put to use immediately. (
  • It feels good to be back! I believe that it has been over a year since my last “Cool Tools” class. I am anxious and excited to see what new things we will get to discover in levels 2 &3. I have learned so much from the last two classes. If it wasn’t for “Cool Tools” I still wouldn’t be tweeting yet and I certainly wouldn’t have the wealth of ideas and resources that I have acquired on Scoopit! That’s why I decided to venture into another class. For those that are new to the class, you are going to love it. My best advice is to stay the course and stay on top of the “things”. You will feel so accomplished when you are done and have many great tools and ideas. (

WordPress for Library Websites : Workshops, Webinars & eCourses

  • Her presentation ROCKED!!!!! Great overview to help me understand the WordPress world and helpful examples and lots of links for further info. I feel empowered! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I attended your WordPress workshop last year and am happy to say that our new site launched today. Your inspiration and handouts were large components of getting this project launched. Thanks so much for doing what you do!
  • Polly did a great job presenting the material and made all students feel comfortable, no matter what their tech-skills are.
  • Detailed, specific, practical instruction with real-life application.
  • Great workshop. Presenter obviously knows her stuff!
  • Got me inspired and gave me confidence to ‘just do it’! Thank you.
  • This was an excellent workshop. Presentation was clear and there was plenty of time to use what you have learned.
  • Thanks – I’m excited about taking this back to school!
  • Polly is awesome. Great background knowledge, very personable, wonderful learning opportunity overall.

School Library “Tech Camp” Retreats & Workshops

  • BEST workshop and workshop presenter that I have experienced and that is 100% genuine.
  • Tons of stuff!  Some brand new some refreshed and more practical than ever before! Best 2 days of conference ever!  Thanks so much!
  • This was an amazing course and I learned a huge amount about web 2.0. It was down to earth, practical and supportive.
  • This was a great retreat! Polly was able to introduce us to web 2.0 in a non-threatening way. I liked the pace and appreciate the opportunity to create our own accounts and experiment. So much information to digest!!!
  • Wonderful conference, the best I have ever attended. Everything was useful and with the hands-on approach I know I will continue to use this when I return to school. I know I will be connected every free minute I have.
  • Thanks for a terrific workshop!! I really enjoyed it. I love collaborating with other librarians in our area. It was fun meeting new librarians too.

Online Outreach for Libraries

  • Gave us perspective in terms of best practices for organizing a plan of outreach to the community. So helpful, with a wealth of information regarding social networking.
  • Great workshop, finally understand usefulness of 2.0.
  • Fabulous workshop and leader as always. Thank you.
  • As always, Polly’s workshop was excellent and extremely worthwhile. She answers all questions thoroughly and expertly. She allows ample time for practice and individual attention. Thank you Polly! Great job.
  • I learned a lot today and am excited to use it when I get back to work.
  • The online outline of the course which includes so many valuable links. Polly is so knowledgeable. How lucky we are to have her teaching CT librarians. This is my second class with her & I would definitely take more.

Chief Officers of State Library Associations – Northeast Conference

I enjoyed your workshop. Over the past two or three years I’ve been to a LOT of 2.0 sessions at conferences etc, and was expecting to feel a little jaded. Your presentation was so up to date and engaging that I felt like I was hearing about these things for the first time. And I’ve already incorporated a couple of your tricks into my information net. – Richard James, Delaware Division of Libraries

Google Tools Update – K-12 Focus Sessions

  • Learned lots of new ideas and techniques.
  • Learned about innovative new tools that I can’t wait to implement.
  • Exactly what I knew I’d get with a ‘Polly’ presentation, straightforward, hands-on, pertinent, simplified instruction to get started with tools right away.
  • Valued that Polly listened to everyone’s ideas, gave us time to practice and was so well prepared.
  • Learned more than I expected! This will be great to integrate into instruction, students will love it.
  • I came expecting a lot, and received a lot more!

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